Common Formative Assessments


Evaluating the CFA

  The Big Ideas Of Common Formative Assessments

  1. 1.You need the data back by learning target, by student.

  2. 2.Common Formative Assessments are written around learning targets; state tests are written around standards.

  3. 3.If you give your students a formative assessment and don’t do anything with the results, it’s really a summative assessment.

  4. 4.More often is better.

  5. 5.Bigger is NOT better!

  6. 6.Common Formative Assessments are not about grading--they are about feedback.

Does the assessment align to the targets you’re teaching?

Does it match the “level of rigor” you’re teaching?

Are there sufficient items to make sure kids can’t guess and get it correct or misread and get it wrong?

Are there “few enough” targets to plan an adequate response?


(c) Bailey & Jakicic, 2010